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Facebook Announced Second Half of 2016 Global Government Information Request Report

Facebook has just released the second half of 2016 global government information request report, reported in addition to the number of government requests and the number of users, but also to remove the content of the data. The total number of requests for the second half of the global government was 64,279, an increase over the first half of the year. Compared with 131 in Hong Kong, 158 for users and 2 for removal.

Compared to 20,209 in the first half of 59,229 times, the second half of the number of requests for 64,279 times, up 9%. And about half of the requests from US law enforcement agencies contain an unlisted agreement, so these requests do not notify the user. On the contrary, requests for content restrictions from the government continued to decline, and the number of items required to be deleted by Facebook was reduced from 9,633 to 6,944, a decrease of 28%.

In terms of the requirements of the Hong Kong Government, the total number of requests for government is 131, the number of users or accounts required is 158, and the number is less than that in the first half of the year. The above requirements are from law enforcement, based on the number of emergency rescue 0. And based on criminal investigation and asked to save the user data record 90 days of the requirements are 37 times, involving 45 accounts, slightly more than the first half. There are only two aspects of content restrictions, which are required to be removed by the Drug Administration’s Office.

Source: Facebook

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