An image of the Galaxy S8

Galaxy S8 Owners Reports That The Smartphone Is Restarting By Itself

Owners of the newest smartphone on the market, the Galaxy S8, are not very satisfied with the purchase. Several users are complaining in forums from developersSamsung and Reddit that the devices are restarting alone.

Although it is unclear what might be causing the problem, the flaw seems to persist in both the S8 version and the S8 Plus version. According to users’ complaints, some devices have been restarted more than five times within the first 10 hours of device use.

Some claim that the problem may be micro SD card malfunction and that removal of the accessory works as a temporary fix. However, other consumers claim that the bug continues even after removing the SD card.

As of now, Samsung’s customer service has recommended the S8 users to start in safe mode, suggesting that sudden restarts could be the result of issues related to third-party apps.

The company has not yet officially manifested itself on the case and the extent of the problem has not yet been known, which has been reported for the time being in the United States.

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