iPhone X Covers

Top 3 Protective Cases and Covers For Your iPhone X

iPhone X is officially out! Whether you’ve been quick to get your hands on the sophisticated phone or still in the planning phase, one thing you can’t overlook is getting a case or cover to protect your investment. Here are your top 3 choices:

Luxury Ultra Thin iPhone X Case

Luxury iPhone X Case 8

A sleek and stylish combination fit for the Apple device. This iPhone X case is elegantly slim such that it won’t add on bulk, yet hard enough to reliably keep your phone secure.
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Magnetic iPhone X PU Leather Cover

iPhone X Leather Cover

Contemporary styles present us with attractive PU leather covers in blue and red colors beyond the classic black and brown. This magnetic iPhone X cover doubles as a phone stand and card holder to your convenience.

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Ultra Thin iPhone X Case

iPhone X Cover

You won’t be thinking twice on getting a case once you discover this ultra thin creation. Simply put on your iPhone X and forget! It’s smooth and comfortable to hold while your phone gets total protection.

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