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Selling Yahoo “active”, Marissa Mayer will receive 187 million US dollars severance payment

As the business is weak, Yahoo has announced that the cause of the Internet will be incorporated into the telecommunications company Verizon in June, CEO Marissa Mayer (Marissa Mayer) is also about to leave, despite the failure to lead Yahoo to return to glory, foreign media It is estimated that Mayer still receives nearly $ 187 million in severance pay.

In early March 2017, Yahoo will be the acquisition of the relevant documents to the US Stock Exchange, Yahoo Internet business will be incorporated into the telecommunications company in June Verizon system, the document also confirmed that Mayer and some high-level will take office after the acquisition, according to Yahoo Of the compensation policy, estimated that she can get about $ 23 million in severance pay.

Yahoo 24 days to submit the relevant documents to the Stock Exchange, but the amount of departure is much higher than the previous document estimates, according to the Wall Street Journal reported that the document pointed out that with the Yahoo acquisition is about to complete, in accordance with the “golden parachute” compensation agreement Of the content, the relevant senior executives will be able to obtain stock options, restricted shares, and other basic incentives.

For the $ 48.4 closing price on Friday, Mayer will receive a stock option valued at about $ 85 million, limiting the stock value to about $ 25 million, plus the value of about $ 7,700 million in the original holdings of $ 1.6 million Can receive nearly $ 187 million in severance pay.

If remuneration, bonuses and options have been used, Mayer’s amount of money is estimated at $ 227 million.

Mayer has been in Google for a long time, in July 2012 after taking over as Yahoo CEO, with the past on the network user research experience, try to promote the “MaVeNS” strategy to mobile vehicles, audio and video, advertising, community Development focus, and through the layoffs, a large number of acquisitions to adjust the company’s operations, but this did not bring a turning point for Yahoo.

As the business continued to turn for the better, Yahoo finally decided to sell the Internet business in 2016 to Verizon, but in the acquisition case is about to settle the dust at the same time, Yahoo broke the past two large-scale user information leak event, let The amount of the acquisition was cut to 4.48 billion US dollars, Mayer and therefore must give up 2016,2017 awards and equity.

According to Yahoo submitted to the Stock Exchange documents show that Yahoo will be held on June 8 shareholders meeting, for the Internet business to sell Verizon trading case to vote, after the transaction, the remaining part of the business will turn “Alibaba “Investment company, by Yahoo’s original director Thomas McInerney as CEO.

Verizon plans to integrate its digital media to set up “Oath” branch, sales of online advertising and related business, Yahoo, AOL, The Huffington Post and other brands will continue to exist but will be changed to Oath’s brand to continue the relevant services.

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