The Hack Post consists of 5 authors thoroughly dedicated towards writing, covering and reporting on the cyber world. Each and every single author is adept when it comes to technology, there’s no one better suited for the job than these individuals. With fully established backgrounds in programming, web development and cyber security research. Skills and over a decade of experience in those fields, combined with the team work that we do behind the scenes, readers are guaranteed and are assured the best level of content and information on topics regarding hacking. Whether you want to get in touch with one of the authors or just want a background check on the authenticity and reliability of our articles and content, this page exists solely for those purposes.

  • Haider Ali Khan

    Haider Ali Khan

    Founder, content creator and writer of The Hack Post. I am an independent cyber security researcher and ethical hacker. I am passionate and committed to educating the world to spread information and expose the threats that exist online. I have a vast span of knowledge and experience in the field of hacking and I’m here to share it all with everyone else. Know more about me and my backgrounds on my official website
  • Ahmed Khan

    Ahmed Khan

    A security analyst and technical writer at The Hack Post. I’m passionate about spreading knowledge and enhancing my own in the fields of cyber security. I am studying Computer Forensics & Security at the Leeds Beckett University. Creating content is a hobby of mine and hopefully will make it more than just that with the experience and time I’ve spent here at The Hack Post.
  • Alizaib Hassan

    Alizaib Hassan

    Writer and content creator at The Hack Post. My adamant love for blogging, web development and programming has made me realise that contributing what I know is not only educative but also fun. Discussing topics with others is what drove me to become an author and I love every single moment of it. Founder of
  • Afrasiab Khan

    Afrasiab Khan

    A newbie writer at The Hack Post. Completely in love with technology. Writing has always been a passion of mine and so is hacking. Combine them together and you get me. A bit of experience in the fields of cyber security and looking to expand on that in the times to come. As a student of Engineering, being an author at The Hack Post helps me cope with the stress that comes with that.
  • Abhay Ram

    Don't worry, I'll keep you updated with the latest scoop in tech ;)
  • Ali Hassan

    I am a student, editor, and founder at Security Breached, currently living in Karachi, Pakistan. My interests range from technology to reading. I am also interested in designing, programming, and gaming.
  • Zaid Rasheed

    Zaid Rasheed

    A senior technical writer and content creator at The Hack Post. Cyber Security Expert for longer than I can remember and an adamant lover of Social Media. Writing is a passion of mine and The Hack Post lets me express that.