WikiLeaks Website Hackers “OurMine” Official Website Gets Hacked By Turkish Hackers

WikiLeaks Website Hackers "OurMine" Official Website Get's Hacked By Turkish Hackers

The famous hacking group named “OurMine”, that hacked WikiLeaks domain two days ago just got hacked by Turkish hackers claiming to be “Jonturk75, RootDevilz and Bozkurt97”. That’s right, the hackers group’s “OurMine” website got hacked themselves. Turkish hackers left the following message on OurMine’s official websites deface page: Jonturk75 & …

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Facebook stops working on Mozilla Firefox

An Image of Firefox browser and Facebook

Yes, Facebook is Down! Facebook has stopped working with all Mozilla Firefox internet browser users. It’s unclear if the issue is from Mozilla Firefox or with Facebook’s system. It is believed that an error made by Facebook has taken the site offline for millions of Firefox internet browser users. Although there are no official statements …

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