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An image of The Pirate Bay (TPB) logo.

The Pirate Bay Down? Try These TPB Alternatives For Faster Download

The Pirate Bay, also known as TPB is down again. It isn't the first time that the website has gone down. TPB had faced multiple downtimes this week, leaving millions of users...
A picture of WhatsApp with a Rolex free watches Hoax message that has gone viral.

Rolex Free Watches Hoax Goes Viral on WhatsApp

Rolex is not giving away 3,000 sets of free watches on its anniversary. The Rolex website shared on WhatsApp is fake, and does not belong to the official Rolex brand. Fake news...
An image of Thai Airways logo with a Hacked text.

Thai Airways Website Hacked By Pakistani Hacker

The official website of Thai Airways is hacked by Pakistani hacker claiming to be "Hunter butt". The hacker also managed to upload a deface page on 23 subdomains of the Thai Airways...
An image of Red Bull logo with a Hacked text.

Red Bull Website Hacked by Prosox

Red Bull, the famous energy drink website is hacked by Prosox. The hacker managed to upload a hacked page with the file name "adminer.php" onto Red Bull's 30 website subdomains. According to the...
An image of the Drupal that is vulnerable to an RCE Exploit.

Drupal RCE Exploit Has Been Released for the “Drupalgeddon2” Vulnerability

In just a short span of time, after the working Drupal RCE Exploit is released to the general public, the hackers have begun exploiting the recently revealed vital vulnerability in Drupal....

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