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An image of Email Marketing

Why Is Email Marketing Proven Method To Get Leads?

Even if there is an upsurge in usage of different social media sites, e-mails have not left the ground when it comes to marketing to gain leads. But why email marketing...
An image of The Pirate Bay (TPB) logo.

The Pirate Bay Down? Try These TPB Alternatives For Faster Download

The Pirate Bay, also known as TPB is down again. It isn't the first time that the website has gone down. TPB had faced multiple downtimes this week, leaving millions of users...
A picture of WhatsApp with a Rolex free watches Hoax message that has gone viral.

Rolex Free Watches Hoax Goes Viral on WhatsApp

Rolex is not giving away 3,000 sets of free watches on its anniversary. The Rolex website shared on WhatsApp is fake, and does not belong to the official Rolex brand. Fake news...
WhatsApp Down

WhatsApp Down Globally On New Years Eve

Just as the new year has hit, WhatsApp servers have gone down/offline for everyone worldwide. Currently, the reason for the outrage is unknown. WhatsApp users have stormed social media networks such...

Coinbase Cryptocurrency Exchange Website Goes Down

If you are seeing "Coinbase" cryptocurrency exchange website offline, well you aren't the only one. It appears that the Coinbase website and App have started to go offline time to time with thousands...

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