Looking to get a good plan to maximize your smart phone usage? 3G UK is the place to start. Its Sim Only plans instantly catapult the network provider as a must-consider when you’re shopping around for top-notch deals.

As of the moment, these great-value Three Sim Only plans available for subscribers- the Pay As You Go and the Pay Monthly packages.

Three UK offers the best deals that give customers full versatility and flexibility. If your usage varies each month, then you can get the Pay As You Go. If you want a monthly plan that gives you buckets of minutes, text and data, then you can opt for the Essential Plans.

Essential Plans

3G UK gives you exactly what you need without any added costs in their Essential plans. By opting to Pay As You Go, you’re allotted 3,000 minutes of call and 3,000 text messages with 5GB of data for £10. If you want more data you can choose 5GB, 12GB or 30GB for £15, £20, and £25 respectively. If you want unlimited data then you can get it at a low price of £35.

The Sim Trio has the Nano, Micro and Standard all combined. You get 4G access at no extra charge and the 4G Super Voice as well. What’s more, 0800 calls and Wifi access on the London Underground, along with Wuntu Rewards are included. Three UK provides free roaming in 48 Euro destinations with the ‘Feel At Home’ feature.

Advanced Plans

Want to get unlimited calls, texts and data? You can opt for the worry-free Advanced Plans. Here’s a basic layout of the Pay Monthly option:

You can get unlimited calls, unlimited text and 4GB of data for £13 per month. If you want 12GB, 30GB or 100GB, then you may opt for the £16, £20 or the £31 monthly costs, respectively. If you simply can’t go without using data, then you can go unlimited for £34 per month.

Advanced Plans have free roaming in 71 countries and all the bells and whistles 3G UK Sim Only Plans have to offer. You can call, text or use the internet anywhere you want without worrying about overage fees. You also get free customer service calls and 30G tethering.

The Best Value With ‘Go Binge’

Binge in this context means you can access streaming services online, i.e., Netflix, Apple Music, TV Player, Lifetime, Snapchat, Deezer and others without using up any of your data allocation. If you don’t want the extra costs of going unlimited then you can choose Go Binge.

3G UK also offers an app called “inTouch” that you can use for no-fuss calling and texting. Even if network signal wavers you’ll be able to call, text or use your phone for internet purposes with WiFi.

Data Only Deals

Finally, 3G UK customers can get data only plans for browsing on multiple devices, broadband dongles, laptop computers and other portable devices. The price ranges from £7 to £60 per month, in as little as 2 up to 20GB allocations, and within a 1, 12, or 24-month contract, all depending on how much you’ll need.

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