5 Most Important Questions To Ask Your Potential Web Designer

Web designers are a dime a dozen, but there’s a set of questions you can ask to make sure they’re the right fit. Here’s a list of the most important ones to ensure you get maximum value for money

What’s Your Approach To Usability?

A good web design firm will not only focus on making the best website according to your needs, but they’ll have the visitors’ best interests every step of the way. This means a user-centric, bespoke web design and aesthetics that improve the shopping or viewing experience.

Can You Provide Similar Sites With The Same Goals And Features?

If the firm has previous experience working with the same task, great. Ask about their challenges, the measured results and why the site was built that way.

Can I Meet Your Team of Specialists?

It’s one that you need to ask to know whether the web design firm is outsourcing or if everything is done in-house. Plus, you’ll know just how many there are in the company and get an idea if it’s the right number for your required tasks, including server management, programming, troubleshooting, analysis and of course, the design.

What If I Wish To Make Changes In The Future?

Websites and web design trends change over time, and businesses will need to make sure they can adapt with the shifts quickly and with minimal costs. A web design firm may charge by the hour for upgrades or leave you with content management tools so you can make basic changes for free.

How Are Results Measured?

Great companies will know what metrics to measure, such as conversion rate, bounce rate and unique visitors per day. If the goal is to generate leads, then this is a good place to start. If the designers start talking jargon, ask them to slow down and speak in plain English so you would understand their process.


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