5 Web Design Trends of 2019

Web design trends are changing all the time and you always need to find good, creative ways to stay on top of the situation and bring in great experiences to your clients. Finding the right web design trends and using them adequately is extremely important. Which is why you need to study web designer news and focus on implementing the latest trends for your audience.

3-dimensional illustrationsw

The addition of 3-dimensional illustrationsmatters at this time. And that’s because illustrations are all about bringing in quality and value to every customer. These illustrations are slowly bringing in the 3D ideas to create more impact and encourage people to convert. Do try and make sure that the illustrations are not slowing down your website however.

Vintage type logos and designs

When you outsource web developer tasks you always need to think about the current trends. And at this time one of the main web design trends is all about integrating vintage ideas and designs into your web design. They help create a great visual experience and even encourage conversions too.

Bold typography

Bold typography is more and more popular at this time because it brings in more attention from customers. On top of that, it’s created with the idea of outlining your message and offering more focus on what you can offer and what you have to say. It helps bring in more customer, and the attention to detail is nothing short of extraordinary as well.

CSS Grids

CSS Grids offer a lot more creativity to designers. They get to implement some very creative ideas into the mix. And the good thing is that you have expressive freedom and control that you could only find in print until this time. The use of CSS grids is becoming the norm more than ever before mainly because this is so easy to access and the results are downright amazing every time. You also get to eliminate unwanted layout issues to improve and tackle everything in a masterful manner.

Playful cursor animations and designs

Adding in a playful cursor brings more interactivity to the entire experience and it enhances your attention to detail. It also encourages customers to further interact with the website and even initiate a purchase. That being said, including this might slow down the site, so a few other optimizations need to be made to make it work very well. But it can be done and you should consider making the most out of such an approach!

It’s safe to say that new web design trends are appearing all the time, but you have to study and understand each one to see if it fits your website. Your primary concern is to provide customers with a great, vibrant experience that will encourage them to browse the site and eventually generate a sale. Your entire approach needs to cater to all of that, and it should work just fine. Do make sure that you test and optimize your design to make sure that there are no bugs or unwanted problems as well!


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