TR-69 For Remote

TR69 is a reliable, remote solution for ISPs looking to manage their gear. Friendly’s TR-69 ACS Management Console is an all-in-one platform that works on remote management of CPEs, i.e., VoIP devices, IP phones, routers, modems, storage devices, media centers and more. With Friendly’s TR-69, companies will be able to do full automation in terms of video and audio services and the support and deployment of data.

Service Providers can get the following benefits:

Quickly Address Customer-Affecting Issues

TR-69’s robust Management Console takes care of diagnostics by managing a whole data model of your CPEs. Users will be able to do the following- download config files for restoration and backup, resetting the CPE to factory default or rebooting the device remotely. CSRs will be able to make use of the many troubleshooting tools for solving network problems quickly and efficiently. Customer satisfaction goes up and your wireless network gains unparalleled security.

Save Your Time, Money, And Resources

Friendly’s TR-69 eliminates the need to do manual network operation. Users can monitor support, firmware management and installation via zero-touch provisioning features. ISPs won’t have to spend a lengthy amount of time at the customer’s location setting up and installing the CPE device.

Moreover, the Management Console allows for remote configuration on mass updates. It can also perform firmware updates on a select number of devices. Engineer visits are reduced, and support costs go down as well.

Platform That Grows With Your Growing Network

TR-69 can prove to be useful in gathering relevant data for business analysis. ISPs will be able to see active users and come up with products or services to better suit their needs. Companies can schedule maintenance updates and services during pre-determined offpeak hours.

Time-To-Market for New Devices is shortened as devices and products can be added easily. Friendly’s TR-69 is fully scalable and allows ISPs to grow the scale along with business growth.


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