Are Curved Monitor and LED Television Screens the Way of the Future
Are Curved Monitor and LED Television Screens the Way of the Future

KOREA, FEB 28, 2016— Samsung released their preliminary design for curved monitors this month (including 24 and 27 inch models) that “[better] meet the diverse multimedia and multitasking needs [for businesses and customers], fostering a better environment to look at in any environment,” the Samsung Newsroom reports. They could be rolling out as soon as March in the US, Europe, and Asia and are expected to expand worldwide by April.

So, what are the biggest benefits of curved screens?

Samsung says that their newest screen designs have a host of features that aren’t immediately visible, such as reduced eye fatigue and flicker-free technology that reduces strain to the eyes. Eye-saver modes reduce the quality of blue light when natural light is present, and it’s even been designed with gamers in mind. The newest AMD FreeSync technologies are better for graphics than traditional HDMI functionality because screen rates refresh faster, graphics cards can release more input, reducing latency, stutter, or lagging in your overall viewing experience. Even more, you can view these new Samsung screens at an astounding 178 degrees viewing angle giving you a better view from across the room.

Better display and picture in an immersive entertainment hub

Because of more active color technology that works with a wider range of colors and hues, the technology in these new curved televisions is definitely impressive. It seems that little is lost from traditional displays while they give you a more vivid picture that automatically gets darker or lighter as gaming conditions require. Add in a tighter curve that makes images look more 3D and in your face and a more pleasing experience for the eyes and you can’t go wrong.

Application of the Technology for Future Entertainment

Samsung released information suggesting that you can even connect monitors to give yourself a theater looking display; which would be astounding for any home theater system. Because of all of these features, it’s hard not seeing this style of television and computer projector being used in the future, especially in businesses where workers spend most of the day watching a screen.


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