Asus Zenfone 2 users can now experience Android Nougat

Asus’ Zenfone series makes up a very popular line of smartphones. Especially, the Zenfone 2 which was released two years ago. Although it’s a great phone, receiving latest Android updates is quite doubtful.

It’s been around five months since the public release of Android Nougat, and according to ibtimes, Zenfone 2 has high chances of receiving the update. However, due to complications with the release of Android Nougat 7.0 to the Zenfone 3, Asus could be back out on releasing the update to the Zenfone 2.

It took Asus around five months to release Nougat for the Zenfone 3. But soon after the rollout, the company halted the update due to bugs, and now Asus is reworking the update. So, Asus already has to work on the update for the Zenfone 3, which reduces the chances of us seeing Android Nougat update on the Zenfone 2.

In this tricky situation, Lineage OS comes to the rescue. Lineage OS is the resurrected Cyanogen OS. The Lineage OS firmware for Asus Zenfone 2 is based on Android Nougat. It’s still in its early days, meaning it’s still the nightly release, and not the stable release. So there will be bugs and issues with firmware. The good thing is that, Lineage OS is a work in progress, there will be future updates and that too pretty quick.

If you’re keen on trying Android Nougat on your Zenfone 2, then head over the ibtimes‘s article on installing the firmware. Before installing, keep in mind that the firmware is not stable.


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