Best Medical Apps For Doctors

Industries are relying more and more on apps everyday, including those in the healthcare sector. Like patients who can simply order their prescription from an internet pharmacy such as Canada Drugs Direct, physicians can easily reference medical apps to save time and make their lives a bit easier.

Here are the best mobile apps doctors use to access peer expertise and make better clinical decisions:


Epocrates is the app to get if you’re serious about making the best possible diagnosis and treatment for your patients. Download Epocrates and you’ll be connected with like-minded doctors in a network called the AthenaText. This can be used to communicate, consult and refer one patient’s condition or to get a second opinion.

What’s more, the app can provide information and can hold up to 30 drug interactions at any one time. Other useful features include prescription details and the ability to check for insurance coverage.


Lexicomp is a comprehensive app for clinical references and knowledge database. With it, you can get access to a library’s worth of toxicology, oral diseases and infectious diseases. Also, you can get information regarding various medication from trusted online pharmacies like Canada Drugs. There’s a calculator and medical dictionary built in as well.


Medscape is an all-in-one medical information database that gives physicians access to clinical information, which in turn gives them better point-of-care decisions.

Download Medscape and you’ll get a calculator for dosing, a tool for identifying pills, prescription, safety and guideline database of more than 8,000 drugs, news regarding the latest topics and medical breakthroughs, a robust database recording more than 4,000 conditions and diseases and pictures, videos and directives on 1,000-plus medical procedures.

Visual DX

Visual DX gives you 32,000-plus record images of diseases that can be useful in detecting a rare condition. An image comes with diagnostics and pertinent information such as age and skin type which greatly contributes to a higher accuracy.


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