Best Moto Phone Cases

The Motorola smartphone phone is a budget-friendly phone. It has a standing recognition in the phone market and serves for every single penny of its purchase.

For such a delightsome device, you can’t leave it unprotected, can you?

The Moto phone case is a good shot for such protection. They are designed with the purpose to protect these devices.

An excellent defensive case reduces the risk of scratch, break or any other form of external effects that would inflict some degree of damage on the phone screen or any other part the phone.

Aside from the protective feature of phone cases, these cases are also designed to cloth your cell phone, in fancy designs, and many more updating features of the case.

The Moto phone also has a wallet case type, which makes it really useful.

Majority of these cases are plastic made outside with a tough shell, paired inside with quality rubber and some models on the Moto phone case has a clip that holds the phone tight while some do not.

So do you have a Motorola smartphone or you are making a budget for one?

We have scoured through some of the best Moto product cases; you can get to protect your phone.


The Moto e phone case design is clean and straightforward for your cell phone, and it covers against scratches to give the device maximal possible protection against bumps and fall effect.

While the Moto e phone case is plastic, it is not cheap plastic and will bend quite well.

The Moto g case is waterproof, easy to wear and pull off, and also lightweight weight but supports grip for handling.

This phone case for Moto fits right and perfectly. Also, the phone back camera, logo, speaker and buttons, etc. blend appropriately in this case. But know that, since it is plastic, regular removal may slack it not to fit pretty tight.


The Moto G4 play case has a snug fit. The installation is straightforward and the quality is quite decent, rich in leather material. The cutout for all the buttons and ports are fully accurate.

This Moto G4 play case is designed in such a way that it can be used to stand your phone. These cases are perfect for Moto g4 play since they come with extra grip for your device.

As a protective case, the Moto g4 play cases offers rugged design to prevent the possible drop.

The well-covered buttons are easy to press from the case and are engineered to absorb shock and premium coating feeling soft.


The Moto G5 plus is a 5th Generation Motorola. It is one of the most popular Moto devices, considered as a budget phone.

To protect this phone, you need a metal back case with a plastic frame that runs around it.

It has super drop protection. Now, if you do not want the heavy and bulky case, but want a bit of grip for your phone and protection from scratches and minor drop, this case has the appropriate cut-out for the camera and microphone.

The Moto g5 plus case is made of fiber look. The case has a side grip along with the volume and power cover.

The g5 plus case is designed in style. For heavier drop protection, g5 plus l otter box defender case is a double layer case, a minimalistic case and super durable.

This case is really sleek and has a soft touch matte feeling. While it is a little bit bulkier, it has maximal protection for phone drops.


For the Moto Z Force Droid, the cases combine of three ultra-tough layers:

  • The case has a built-in touchscreen as protector to guard your phone device against sudden drops,
  • Random dirt, scrapes and
  • Bumps as it is daily used.

These case covers ports, keep dust from entering into a port that can cause bridge.

Also, some of these cases have a holster that clips the phone tight, and the screen touch does the quick draw on calls.

This case finally has a convenient phone stand for your movies, as well as your applications.


The Moto Z2 force case is a double layer hybrid defender with a rugged armor case from spigen.

The design of this case expose the Motorola logo, the case is plastic, and it got the carbon fiber look on the top and bottom up.

These cases provide stylish design and maximally layer protection for your device. The outside back of the case is made of standard quality hard PC material and smooth rubberized coating.

While for the inner layer, it is made of long-lasting and flexible silicone material. By this, the case provides a better shock-absorbing capacity, resistance to tearing and the likes.

It is Simple and easy to install and remove. All of the volume buttons are covered, but the power is a ridge.

These cases are certified for drought protection and prevent scratches, abrasion and a level of damage on the phone.


As with the Turbo 2 (Verizon), Motorola Moto X Force (2015), the Motorola droid turbo 2 case is made of silicone and as the others Moto brand, it is built to absorbing pressure and damage from fall.

This case is made of silicone and polycarbonate material, not too high edge lip that fit the phone and allows table stand for convenience and anti-slip. Specifically for the turbo, it possesses the invisible magnetic flap, which ensures proper closure, for your device screen safety.


The cases for the Moto e4, from the top, it is made of flexible and soft rubber, the cut-out is pretty cute for everything. For the power key, it has an excellent texture that is easy to press. These cases fit the phone perfectly with no problem at all.

Secondly, the case gives the Moto e4 an excellent shape and it is very durable.

These cases come in various colors and offer a double pack with a hard pc layer, for the outer piece. This piece serves as a shield for it, while the inner layer is made of soft rubber.

The Moto E4 cases are plastic, and the rubbers are the same quality (carbon silicone).

There are also single piece cases, which are made of fiber skin and the looks are very stunning on the phone.

This double piece, gives the cell phone double protection when it falls, even from waist level, also, against scratches and dirt. However, it does not come with a screen guide.


In all, the Motorola phone cases are a beautiful piece of art for you. They ensure and secure your Moto phones against sudden falls, scratches, and cracks.

If you want a stylish, well-patterned case with quality materials alongside great grip enhancement, they are the way to go. Visit for more info!


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