Running Tech for Newbies

People commonly choose running as a form of exercise, and with good reason. It’s effective. There’s no equipment required, nor is there any need for a gym membership.

It’s possible to put on a pair of sneakers and head out of your door. That said, there are some gadgets that can make it easier, more enjoyable, and help motivate a person to go further. There are gadgets that can track running pace, time, heart rate, and a number of other statistics to ensure you’re getting the best workout you can. There are also a number of supplements out on the market that help boost stamina, but many of these work better in the advertisements than in real life. Here are a few of the best gadgets for running in 2018.

  1. FlipBelt

No one wants to run while carrying bulky bags, but there are some things that you have to carry when you go running. This belt allows you to fix a tube of fabric in order to hold your credit card, phone, and other small items. The belt can be easily adjusted so you can ensure proper comfort. Comfort is incredibly important when it comes to running!

The thing that makes this better than a bag is the lack of bounce. This helps keep your running pace smooth and painless. There are also add-ons that are designed to hold water bottles, which allows for an extra layer of streamlined ease! You won’t have to worry about leaving something important at home, or trying to slide your ID and credit card into your sock.

  1. Shapeheart Armband

This gadget does two jobs with one tool – monitors heart rate and holds a phone! This saves tons of space.

When a person is a long-distance runner the word of the trade is “efficiency”. The less you have to carry, the easier it is to run. The less stamina you use lugging around multiple objects, the more stamina you have for the run. Many people don’t realize how much of an effect multiple items can have on a run!

  1. Knuckle Lights

Some areas are much darker than others, and some areas get dark earlier than others. Holding a flashlight while trying to run is nothing short of obnoxious. So knuckle lights exist to help solve that problem.

As the name suggests, these lights are wrapped around your knuckles. It’s standard for them to come with a right and left-hand strap, and they’re great for signaling to people when you’re going to turn.

  1. Lumo Run Sensor

Runners across the globe can make use of this amazing gadget if they really want to track their performance. It’s a multi-tool, doing multiple jobs.

It has an accelerometer, a vibration sensor, a gyroscope, and multiple other settings. All you have to do is attach the device onto the back waistband of your shorts.

This amazing device tracks important data, such as cadence, the amount of break when you stop, and pelvic movement. It can be a great item for foot health when running according to Orthotic Shop and works well with insoles. It uses the Lumo app to store this information, and you can review it later. And while not everyone wants a device making suggestions, this one will do so anyway.

It points out the areas where your performance is lacking and offers tips and ideas for fixing the problem. It even gives you guidance on live audio! The downside of this gadget is the need of a phone. Without a phone to run the app you can’t get live GPS stats and audio tips. However, it does store up to 20 days of running information. You can simply put this information on your computer when you get home.

  1. Runbell

This is another safety device, much like the knuckle lights. Runbells make noise as you move, thus alerting people to your existence.

The best part is that you don’t have to exert any extra effort. You simply run as normal, and the runbell does the rest. It’s hard to ignore the sound of the bell! So you can feel safe in the knowledge that people will hear you coming as you run up behind them. You won’t have to trust them to understand that “on your left” means they should move right.


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