Bing Your Guide to the Academy Awards
Bing Your Guide to the Academy Awards

If you love the Academy Awards, then Bing search engine is the place to go. They’re rolling out their own version of the red carpet, unveiling a lot of premier content (including some February 22, 2016).

For videophiles like us, Bing is the perfect place to prepare for the Academy Awards:

  • Predictions, Nominations, and Categories: Learn everything you need to know about anybody that will be present, and why they’re there. Last year, Bing’s projection for predictions were over 80% correct, and 100% accurate in the six biggest awards. The Bing guide will have practically all of the nominees, lots of predictions, and detailed descriptions of the 24 Oscar categories. You can even see movie trailers and options for watching movies (Showtime, Microsoft, and more)
  • The Fashion and Trends: Fashion and trends are always huge at the Academy Awards!
  • Past Oscar Highlights: Funny, obscene, and memorable events happen every year.
  • Ballots you can Print and Share With Your Friends: If you’re looking for a little competition with your friends, print out your own ballots! You can have a blast making your own predictions with your family.
  • Bing’s very own Academy Award Quiz

After the show kicks off, you can get all of your favorite celebrity entrances and exits, as well as updates throughout the evening. After the curtain finally falls, we’ll have all the facts and figures on Bing’s Academy Award after party:

  • Up-to-date Winner’s Lists will be available in each category. Bing promises to reveal the winners as soon as they’re revealed. Tally up your ballots and win your bets with your friends!
  • Admire or laugh at the “red carpet fashion” as actors and actresses deck out the glam and glitz during the show. We’ll also be able to scoff at the fashion faux pas or silly outfits.
  • All of the highlights and new updates too!
  • Bing reported that Cortana can even give you updates about the Academy Awards too! Ask her simple questions like, “What is your favorite movie?”

Either way, these features are sure to make the Academy Awards a little more interesting. We’d love to hear what you think!


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