Bitcoin Price and Value Goes Over $9,600 For The First Time (1 Bitcoin into USD = $9,600+)

Bitcoin price has just crossed $9,600 USD In value earlier today. That’s right, now 1 Bitcoin into USD = $9,600+. This surely is a great news for all those Bitcoin users and exchanges. Bitcoin topped the $9,500 mark over the weekend for the first time ever. As Bitcoin remains one of the worlds valuable currency, the value of Bitcoin had continued to climb up since mid-November with an increase of investors in Bitcoin.

At the time of publishing this news article, the exchange rate of one Bitcoin was exactly $9,697 USD. Although, it is expected to cross the $10,000 USD mark in no time. Therefore, it’s still not too late for users to invest in exchanging their money into Bitcoin, as surely this currency will continue to grow and is unstoppable at this stage.

Bitcoin price
A screenshot of the Bitcoin price from Blockchain.

As the value of Bitcoin continues to increase, it is expected for investors to invest more in the digital currency. As the number of investors is to increase, the value of Bitcoin will keep on growing. As this news is still developing, this article will be updated with more updates as soon as they are available.

Update:- The price of one bitcoin just increased to $9,730 USD.


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