crisis managed in social networks

Nowadays it is strange not to find a company that has a presence on social networks like twitter Instagram and Facebook in order to communicate in a more effective, direct, fast and easy way with its public. Buying Instagram followers, facebook followers etc. also good to impress audience but not recommended at all.

This presence in networks offers two possible scenarios thanks to its vitalizing power. One positive, in which a good performance by the company ends up having an impact on the creation and consolidation of a good image ; and a negative one, since a minimal error in the form of a wrong comment or an unfortunate tweet is liable to generate a major crisis in the image of the organization.

This last is what has recently happened to the infant food brand Hero Baby with the journalist Samanta Villar, who after an unfortunate comment on her twitter profile , which took three days to rectify, is on everyone’s lips when demonstrating a great vacuum in terms of managing a crisis.

Let’s get in situation. Last Friday the well-known journalist Samantha Villar launched a question to the brand via twitter in which she was interested in knowing why this firm used palm oil in its products, knowing that its benefits are being criticized lately. But Hero Baby, far from responding promptly and in the most correct way possible, not only took three days to do it, but the tone was not the most appropriate.

Hero Baby can not forget that in the online world the brand identity or reputation is built on what a company says about itself and what others say about it. The image, what the market perceives of it, is a sum of actions that must be known in order to adequately manage any conflict situation.

After this action, it is not strange to think that the brand has won numerous criticisms and also the rejection of many mothers who until now relied on the company specialized in infant feeding. A situation that the brand must resolve as soon as possible since there is no worse publicity than a dissatisfied customer and for that there is nothing better than having a crisis management team and a procedure manual specifying what should be done, who should do it and how it has to be managed

Communication is a strategic tool

The communication is a strategic tool that a company will bring to market the image you want to be taken from her and Hero Baby has shown lack of this manual and, especially, in advance regarding the organization of a crisis as is. A problem that also takes place with an influential person as is the case of the journalist, with more than 26,000 followers, is aggravated.

Therefore, to think that a communication manual is only essential for large companies or firms is a common mistake in which most brands fall, which lose a great opportunity to position themselves in the market.

But, also, if we take into account that 95% of companies, sooner or later suffer some crisis throughout their lives with negative effects , not only is it important to have this communication strategy but it is also key to choose the spokespersons, as well as elaborate a manual with key answers and assumptions with which to be able to overcome any type of situation.

Because a company that knows how to treat its public well in times of crisis will be strengthened its identity and achieve success in a community.


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