Diagnose Your Bugs Faster Debug Production Apps with Google Cloud
Diagnose Your Bugs Faster Debug Production Apps with Google Cloud

Google highlights four things that you can do with their debugging tools:

Language platforms and runtimes

Google Cloud Debugger can do a great many things for your website, but one of the most important things it can do is find bugs in your production applications. It’s great to support apps like Java, and other App Engine Managed VM’s. Google has been working on expanding support for languages across Google’s platforming tools, in a huge variety of languages, including:

  • Java apps
  • Python apps
  • Go applications on a compute engine
  • js applications running compute engines (Alpha)

Enhanced UI to debug your tools

Unlike other debuggers, Google highlights on the importance of not slowing you down when running capture runtime information, when time is of the essence. Those who are used to setting breakpoints, inspecting applications, and transitioning your debugging effort to the cloud will have an easier time with Cloud Debugger. The program runs in the background, and it doesn’t bog down your CPU.

It also performs the following UI web debug tools:

  • Taking snapshots
  • Selecting matching code on both local and cloud based repositories
  • Traverse easy to use treeview layouts
  • Share you work with other programmers with a URL

Debug without using the source code, if you wanted.

There are four things that Google Cloud Platform does for you:

  • Let you debug without access to your source. All you have to do is enter the filename and line number, and you can take a snapshot.
  • Debug with source captures. Debug your applications over several sessions without connecting to an outside repository.
  • Debug at the source. Google describes it as “pointing your debugger to a source file.” No source code is actually uploaded to Google servers.
  • Debug on the cloud. At this point, you can get the most accurate source information available simply by pointing to tool to the correct source code.
  • Use their debugging tools when and where you want to

You don’t even have to leave IDE while you’re using the interface. Your Cloud tools use code from your local machine during Cloud Debugging sessions. Google will readily be working on Stack Overflow if there are any issues or suggestions.

The Google Cloud Platform is available for a trial period here.


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