Don’t Forget to Activate VPN on Your Mobile Device Too

VPN apps have come a long way from a niche product used by geeks to one of the most basic applications you can find on nearly half of digital devices. The number of people using VPNs is growing by the day. And it’s not surprising as these apps remove restrictions that governments and corporations try to put on the Internet. However, many people don’t realize that installing a mobile VPN app is even more important than having one on your computer. It’s mobile devices that require more protection and therefore can benefit more from this service.

VPN Benefits: Why Do People Use VPNs?

People mostly use VPNs for two reasons:

  1. To access geo-locked content online.
    Online streaming TV services are on the rise today. The growth of Netflix revenue from $1.2 billion to $11.6 billion in the last decade is proof of that (Statista). This success also prompted other streaming services, like Amazon and Hulu. But the majority of the content offered by these companies is only available in a few countries. A VPN allows you to get around such restrictions and enjoy any content from anywhere. It works the same for accessing foreign locked servers for online games and other similar services.
  2. To get more privacy online.
    Governments of the world are putting more restrictions on Internet use of their citizens and some don’t even deny monitoring their online activities. While not many places are as far gone on that route as China (The New York Times), this situation is a major concern. A VPN helps protect your online privacy as well as offers some protection from hacker attacks.

Importance of VPN for Mobile Devices & How to Choose the Best One

Today, over 63% of people spend their time browsing the Internet using a mobile device instead of a desktop PC. Therefore, using mobile VPNs has become essential for both convenience and security. This, unfortunately, lead to a major issue. There are dozens of VPNs available today and not all of them are reliable.

That’s why it’s important to understand what kind of VPN service you need for your mobile device and how to find it. The latter is rather simple, you can look up the top 20 apps compared. This will allow you to learn about the main features as well as pros and cons of every application. However, to choose which will work best for your personal situation, you need to know what kind of features to prioritize.

The reason why mobile devices need VPNs more than desktop computers is that they are more vulnerable to cybersecurity risks. The need for extra protection is supported by research, but antivirus apps aren’t enough to keep you safe when browsing the Web using your smartphone. And a VPN app adds the extra-layer of protection that can make a difference.

The main reason why mobile devices are so vulnerable is because they incorporate dozens of apps. Not only is the number of components a risk in itself but there is also the issue of updates. Every time any of your mobile apps gets an update, your digital security is compromised. Of course, individual updates make the apps more secure and efficient, but the system as a whole is unbalanced. Thus, hackers can easily get to you and malware on your mobile is a huge risk, especially if you use any payment apps.

A VPN does not only encode your outgoing traffic, making it harder for hackers to get into your device. It also makes even public Wi-Fi secure, thus protecting you when your gadgets are most vulnerable.

When choosing the best mobile VPN app, you need to consider:

  • Type of encryption
  • Number and location of servers
  • VPN speed
  • Number of supported connections

Choose the app depending on whether you prioritize security or speed. The higher is the level of encryption, the slower you VPN and thus internet speed will be. This means that if you need the app mostly for watching Netflix shows on your tablet at home, the fastest option with the biggest number of servers is best. However, if it’s security you need, you should choose the best encryption grade you can afford.

And remember, a VPN will always run slower, especially for mobile internet connections. Therefore, prepare to be frustrated for the sake of higher online security.


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