Elcykels, or e-bikes are quickly becoming the go-to green transportation in Sweden, thanks to the Swedish government’s efforts. In September 2017, the Swedish program was introduced, and in it consumers can get up to a whopping 25% discount on e-bikes to a maximum 10,000 SEK (€1000) ceiling.

This elcycle incentive is a great push towards investing in the world’s climate and environment. On the government website, it’s stated that the program aims to improve commuting and transportation with greener solutions, one would be in the form of ebikes. Electric bikes can replace traditional vehicles and our earth gets less CO2 emissions.

Aside from enjoying huge discounts, participants can look forward to the immediate benefits:

Better Health and Enhanced Fitness. Cycling is a kind of activity that can readily meet most people’s exercise requirements. Moreover, it can easily be incorporated in your daily activities, i.e., commuting to work, to eat or to run errands. Best of all, cycling involves low-risk physical exertion that’s beneficial to people of all ages and fitness levels.

Life Made Easier and More Fun. Electric bikes can easily avoid traffic congestion and rush hour. Equipped with motorized assistance, riders will no longer have to exert themselves when going up a hill. Those who are looking to make the most out of each cycling session can choose the “no power assist” mode.

Embark on Great Distances. Elcykel technology has gone a long way, which means these handy transportation units can go further than ever. Regardless of terrain, you’ll be able to cover great distances with just one full charge. Enjoy the freedom and flexibility only an ebike can give.

Save Money. An electric bicycle is an economical solution even after the government premium on elcykels. Commuting costs will be largely dependent on how you charge your ebike’s batteries, which is considerably lower as compared to traditional commuting options.


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