5 Questions To Make You a Great UX Leader

If you lead a team of developers, or designers and would love to discover the effectiveness of your leadership skills and new areas to improve on, then the best way to assess your leadership qualities would be through the end result from your team members.

As a UX leader, you can test your UX leadership skill by asking some simple questions to your team members.  All you need is to work up to any member of your team and ask the five questions listed below in a calm and professional manner.

  1. What are you working on? This question sets the atmosphere for clear and factual communication; and relaxes the interviewed. With some luck, you will get a clear response about the specifics of the project. This will also enable you to line up your next questions.
  2. Who will make use of this? The answer to this question will give you a great understanding of whether your designer has the user in mind or not; the class or type of end-user they are looking at before and during the design. You may probe deeper by asking about the characteristics of the user.
  3. What value does this add to the users and the business? Many UX leaders strive to make sure that their team appreciates the need to combine user goals with business goals. Here the bigger picture is the business goal, and by asking this question, you will find out if your team has that in mind and if they are trying to contribute positively to it. The team members must know the user, the value they are adding to the user, and how this will, in turn, benefit the organization.
  4. What opportunities do you think this organization can provide you? Are the members of your team future-oriented? This question will help you sieve those who are growth-oriented from those who are just happy to have a job from your side.
  5. How do you measure your success? Also, ask your team member how he or she measures success. In addition, members of your team must understand how necessary it is to test their project before taking it online.

Finally, asking the questions listed above can provide can provide an insight into how user-friendly members of your team are, how well you are doing as a UX leader and which areas you will need to improve on. Although, asking this question in a way that doesn’t seem offensive to team members might be difficult. However, be careful to construct your questions in a calm and polite way.

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