Google AdSense Introduces Educación Inicial
Google AdSense Introduces Educación Inicial

Often, we feel constrained by our personal limitations. We either work all day at jobs we hate or never have the money to start the projects we want to. Luckily, there are newer, improved ways of making money on the internet that are evening the playing field for people who have great ideas and take the initiative to put them out there where people can see them.

Marisol Godoy Started In Bed, Pregnant, Jotting Down Her Ideas

Marisol Godoy, who was previously a schoolteacher, has had massive success with her site Educacion Inicial. At the time, she was pregnant and stuck in bed for weeks that year. She had hundreds of ideas flowing through her head, and she desperately needed a place to put them down before she forgot about them. That’s how she started her archive of “fun and educational projects for parents and other preschool teachers to enjoy with children,” says Stacey Garcia, marketing manager of Google Adsense.

Marisol took her ideas to the web, through blogging and development, and within a few years was able to earn enough of an income to stop teaching preschool. Eventually, she was able to stay at home with her newborn and husband, and both of them spend their time running their website, making updates, and posting content.

Follow Your Dreams, Do What You Love, Make Your Website Live

Stacey Garcia points out in her article, “Meet AdSense Publisher Educación Inicial,” that there are more than 5 million website contributors on Marisol’s site, showing just how effective AdSense can be if your idea draws viewership. She further writes that AdSense provides the majority of Marisol’s salary and has finally given her the freedom to spend her life doing what she’s always wanted to do— travel and spend her time with her family.


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