Google Project Shield
Google Project Shield

Denial of service attacks (DDoS) is a very serious issue for most websites. There are a huge variety of hacks that people use:

  • Internet control message protocol floods
  • SYN flood attacks
  • Teardrop attacks
  • Peer-to-peer attacks
  • Permanent denial-of-service attacks
  • Application-layer floods
  • Nuke
  • HTTP POST DoS attack
  • R-U-Dead-Yet?
  • Slow read attack
  • Distributed attack
  • Reflected/spoofed attacks
  • Telepathy denial-of-service

In fact, the amount of hacks that websites face is on the rise and continues to grow every single day. Because these attacks threaten people’s “[freedom of] expression and access to information, two of Google’s core values,” says Jared Cohen, President of Jigsaw. “We created Project Shield to use Google’s security infrastructure . . . to filter attacks on news and human rights websites.”

They’re expanding outward now, beyond research and testing phases, to let all of the World’s sites better protect themselves from hacker attacks, DDoS breaches, and the use of DDoS to censor what people have to say.

Google estimates that over ten thousand new sites will have access to Project Shield within the first month of its use, and because the software is completely free, all independent sources of news struggling with hackers will have the protection they need to mitigate their fears of being “shut down.”

Google further stated that the new security project doesn’t JUST protect journalism. The overall goal of the new project is to better improve the condition of the Internet, protecting publishers against other people who find sharing information “inconvenient,” in the hopes of making the news and other media sources free and open again.

Information about Project Shield is available on Google’s website.

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