How To Grow Your YouTube Channel

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, and setting up presence here can bring about increased exposure and success if you use the right strategies.

Interested in going on YouTube with your own channel and growing your existing audience? Here are a few tips to get you started:

Put Up Multiple Posts Per Week

Create a need for your subscribers for something to look forward to by being consistent with your posts. The magic number is to post 3 or more videos per week, following a set schedule.

Engage With Your Audience

YouTube’s algorithm favors those who engage their audience by looking at statistics such as watch time, time spent on channel, comments and likes. You can buy YouTube likes to bolster your social proof and get things going. Make the content interesting and encourage your audience to participate by sharing, liking or commenting.

Start With An Interesting Hook

A great introduction makes for a great hook, which goes a long way towards growing your YouTube channel. Makeover and DIY videos can catch the attention of the audience by showing the shiny end product first before listing the steps.

Make Your Video Thumbnails Stand Out

Thumbnails are what your viewers see before they can click on it to watch the video. Choose the best thumbnail to create an interesting effect.

Add Promotional End Screens

Learn how to make end screens and you’ll encourage the viewer to continue watching your other videos, playlist or channel. End screens are best inserted in the last twenty seconds of the video.

Reformat Your Existing Content

You don’t always have to create videos from scratch. There may be a treasure trove of guides, articles and quality content on your website or blog that you can reformat and improve. DIY guides and how-to’s can be converted into videos that your viewers can watch as they go.


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