How To Properly Get Rid Of Malware is a malware that takes control over your browser settings. Under the Mac OS, Weknow escapes detection as it’s hidden inside seemingly legit software downloads. Once installed, a fake search engine appears and records all activities while occasionally interfering with your computer work via pop-up ads.

How Do I Know If My Mac Is Infected? works inside the most popular web browsers. Once you open your Chrome, Firefox or Mac browser, the malware takes over and shows you a pseudo-Google search page. The good thing is that the page looks fake as compared to the original one.

Steps Needed To Remove From Your Mac

If you spot a fake browser everytime you use Chrome, Safari or Firefox, here’s how to get rid of from your Mac PC:

1. Hunt Down The Malware And Do A Manual Removal

Click Go and open up the Utilities folder. Do a quick scan of the Activity Monitor icon and double click on it to find the Weknow entry. Once you see it, highlight and click “Quit Process”.

Click the Go again and this time choose Applications in the list. Locate and highlight the Weknow entry on the menu, then right-click and choose “Move To Trash”. Your computer may ask you for your password before proceeding.

Launch System Preferences via the Apple menu. Choose Accounts, then click on the Login Items. Find WeKnow or and click on the minus sign (-) to delete it.

2. Reset Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome

WeKnow is a malware that spreads to all your browsers, so it’s best to do a deep clean. After you’ve gotten rid of the virus, do a “reset to default” to get all your preferences and personal settings back.

3. Get Rid Of Automatically Using A System Utility

Malware removal is an excellent solution for automatic deletion of the Mac infestation. A malware scan will reveal any and all virus and malicious software hiding in your computer and browser, from which you can force uninstallation of the unwanted app. You won’t have any problems after you flush the malware out your Mac.


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