How To Recoup The Most Money From Your Old Phone

Getting a brand new phone is always a cause for celebration. The shiny metal, perfect screen and beefy hardware is a joy to behold and explore. But before you devote all that time to get to know your newest device, recoup some of the costs by asking yourself, “how can I sell my phone for cash today and get some of my savings back?”

The answers may both surprise and delight you.

1. Set Your Own Price At Online Marketplaces

Sign up for an account at eBay, Amazon or Craigslist, then tap on the “I want to sell” button. List the brand name and model of your old phone, then state its condition, i.e., used, defective, etc. List the price that you think is fair for your old gadget. That’s it! Sit back, wait for queries to come in and pretty soon you’ll have a deal on your hands.

2. Find Vendors Who Can Pay More For Your Phone

Spend time on doing your research and getting cash estimates in order to find the merchant who will offer top dollar for your old phone. If you want to get money ASAP, opt for companies offering same day payment for those inquiring on where to sell my phone for cash near me at the most reasonable value.

3. Trade In For Store Credit Or Cash

The Giveback Program by Apple allows people to bring in their old devices in exchange for either Apple Store credit or discounts on various Apple devices. Companies such as Samsung and Motorola have set up kiosks where you can get a cashback estimate for your working phone.

4. Find Stores That Buy Devices No Matter Its Condition

There are repair shops and ones that buy phones of any model, make or condition. Got an old phone that won’t turn on? Screen cracked or keypads not responding? These shops can still use the working parts inside your phone or repair it and sell it as refurbished. You’ll get a reasonable price quote for your trouble as well.


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