Huawei Mate 8

Huawei made one of the best Nexus phone ever, the Nexus 6P. However, the 6P didn’t wear any Huawei branding. If we look at the company’s own smartphone line, the Mate range, the high-end phones are true flagships.

Now that the company has released the Mate 9, their flagship phone, the Mate 8 can be bought for a cheaper price than it was initially sold for. The Mate 8 is a deal breaker for the price.

The phone is well built, obviously a metal body which every company seems to be using. The screen is pretty big but the thin bezels make the content you are watching on the screen stand out. Not only are the side bezels small but even the top and bottom bezels very thin.

The thin bezels also make the phone a lot more compact than the ones like the iPhone 7 Plus (and all the Plus phones from Apple) feel humongous even if they sport the screen with a similar size or even higher.

The phone uses hardware that you can expect from a flagship – its high end – 3GB or 4GB of RAM, Huawei’s own chip, 6-inch FHD screen.

But apart from that, the phone has some cool tricks up its sleeve. It allows scanning of business and name cards using the camera and in turn, the phone automatically reads the image and saves it for you.

Also, the Knuckle gesture is a helpful feature, when you swipe with your knuckle from left to right, it turns on the split screen function.


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