iPod Touch’s future is very gloomy

It’s been a year and a half since the release of the iPod Touch 6th Generation. Well, the product update cycle period has been increasing and increasing for the iPod lineup.

It makes sense to not update it every year. The iPod is not a big deal anymore – it can play music (very well), run iOS apps (except the ones that require cellular connectivity like WhatsApp), take pictures, record. But all the smartphones can do this nowadays. There’s no need to use a separate device just for all the purposes mentioned above.

However, the iPod is still an ideal choice (alongside the iPad) for kids who are not yet ready to jump into the world of social network. It’s usually kids under the age of 13.

The 6th generation iPod Touch is perfect for kids. There’s no need of a new iPod Touch every year with a new chip, the 6th generation device is pretty good at handling the tasks.

The future of the iPod Touch 6th Gen looks good. It will surely receive at-least two major software updates. We will probably also see a next generation iPod Touch next year, keeping in mind the last update – Apple updated the device after three years of iPod Touch 5th Gen.

Something entirely differently can also happen, Apple could just stop making iPod Touch. It doesn’t contribute much to Apple’s revenue, and fewer and fewer people are buying it. Also, the iPad is a very much better option compared to the iPod Touch. The iPad does everything the iPod does, and does it on a bigger screen which might be good for watching stuff.

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