82 Kazakhstan Websites Hacked by AnonymousFox

A hacker going by the alias of AnonymousFox has hacked 82 Kazakhstan Websites, including 7 high profiled Kazakhstan governmental agencies. The attack seems to be a mass defacement of the server. The motive of the attack stated by the hacker himself on the deface page’s footer was:

We were here to deliver a message || Not for acts of sabotage .. Thanks for understanding

The hacker also displays a Pro-Palestinian and Anti-Zionist message. The exact quotes being:

Death To Zionist

Free Palestine

The hacker seems to be on a mission to spread the message of the illegal occupation and the killing of innocent civilians of the Palestinian people by the Israeli Defence Forces. The attacker attaches a graphic video of the violence upon the Palestinian people by the Israeli Defence Force in the 2014 Gaza War. The video can be disturbing to some viewers so watch at your own discretion.

The defacements of all 82 websites have been recovered as of the writing of this article. However, the attack has been mirrored onto Zone-H Cached Archives with all the list of websites that have fallen victim to the attack.

Screenshot of the deface page uploaded to all 82 websites on the Kazakhstan server hacked by AnonymousFox
Screenshot of the deface page uploaded to all 82 websites on the Kazakhstan server hacked by AnonymousFox

The Kazakhstan government agencies or the server sysadmins are yet to provide a public statement on the breach and the point of vulnerability that lead to the mass defacement of their servers.

The never ending war between Israel and Palestine has made its way from the streets through to the Internet. Hackers, especially those believing in the Islamic religion, tend to show their political views in regard to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict by posting it onto as many websites as they can in the form of defacements to somewhat raise awareness. Regardless of the fact that it may seem an act of hacktivism from the eyes of the hackers, the attacks can cause cost damages, and a waste in time.

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