Latvia Supreme Court Official Website Hacked: Pakistani Hacker Group “Death Adder Crew” to Blame
Latvia Supreme Court Official Website Hacked: Pakistani Hacker Group “Death Adder Crew” to Blame

The Republic of Latvia Supreme Court was defaced by MrAhSan HaXor, a member of the Death Adders Crew. The official Latvian Court website had been hacked and defaced, but the hacking attack didn’t seem to be politically motivated. In fact, the Death Adders Crew hacker left a message for the security admins of the site on the defaced page:

Hacked by MrAhSan HaXor

[ Death Adders Crew ]

Nothing personal!

No Problem with you!

But security Security is just an illusion!

And Breaking security is our profession!

Expect us!

We are: Mr Anonymous, Sh3zu 1337, SmEvK_PaThAn, Mr Anon,Mr Sh4hz3b-HaXoR,Doctor Nitrogen, Kashif HaxOr, MADUP ANON, Malla HaXor, MrAhSan HaXor

(The cache of the hacked page can be found here)

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Ironically enough, the Death Adders Crew member left a Facebook fan page link for users to click on, through the defaced website. This attack is part of 4 Bangladesh Government pages on February 26, 2016, reported by the Death Adders Crew themselves, along with another posting claiming that 4 Government websites, 1 UK academic website and 160 other websites were hacked. You can see the posted list of hacked websites here, directly from Death Adder Crew’s Facebook page.

So, Why Did Death Adder Crew Plan Out This Elaborate Hacktivist Attack?

The group allegedly hacked all of these websites just to give a team member a happy birthday. The member of the group (named SmeVk_PatHan) has yet to release any statements about the event, but many of the websites still appear to be hacked when this web article was written. We’ll keep you updated as this story progresses. Leave your questions or comments below!


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