Liverpool FC Reds Fans Worldwide Should Send a Skype Video Message To Win a Chance to Go to Liverpool
Liverpool FC Reds Fans Worldwide Should Send a Skype Video Message To Win a Chance to Go to Liverpool

If you’re a football fanatic like we are, you’d take any opportunity you could to walk out at Anfield and watch the Liverpool FC trounce Newcastle United surrounded by thousands of supporters. And all you have to do is sing the famous last chorus of “You’ll Never Walk Alone”, and send it via Skype video message. All of the entries will be played on screens at the pitch, and these voices will all create the most stirring performance to ever take place on the Anfield “sing(ing) for #LFCtoghether” according to skypes official blog.

The best two renditions that Skype and Liverpool FC see are going to get travel expenses paid, accommodations, and even a pair of tickets to witness themselves singing out on the pitch (through their submitted video) to thousands and thousands of fans for an amazing experience and an unforgettable football match.

It’s incredibly easy to join, as long as you can sing like you’ve never sang before to You’ll Never Walk Alone, showing your incredible spirit to your friends and family on SingforLFC on Skype.

Here’s How you Can Get Started:

  • Download Skype if you haven’t got it already, and type in “SingforLFC” as a Skype contact. This will start an instant message.
  • Turn off anything you might have going in the background, and set the mood! You’re trying to win, right? Dress the part, put on your LFC gear, and clear your throat. When you’re ready to start singing, just hit the video message icon.
  • Hit record and it’s all history from there! Sing the final chorus of the LFC theme song “You’ll Never Walk Alone,” and when you think you’ve got it right, send it off to SingforLFC.

Skype announced that they’ll let you know by Skype if you’ve won. It’s time to start practicing to show your support for #LFC! Here are some helpful links and a video to get you on the right track:

Terms and conditions and more information about the contest can be found here.


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