Mechanical Keypad

In gaming, what you use can make or break your performance. Sometimes your equipment can mean the difference between lagging and winning a crucial tournament! In this case, you’ll need to know what constitutes a great gaming keypad if you’ll be using it instead of the usual keyboard.

While it’s true that people tend to have their own preferences, the best gaming keypads stand out from the rest. It’s all about your budget, comfort and the features. Let’s take a look at what constitutes a top-end keypad product:

The Different Key Types

Console-type gaming keypads can be either membrane or mechanical type.

Mechanical Keys

Professional gamers prefer mechanical keys because they won’t have to press a key all the way down to get the needed response. Mechanical types are the most suitable due to the tactile feel and quick response. Plus, typing on a mechanical keypad feels more comfortable. Loud clicky keys won’t be a factor, especially if you’re blasting the tunes on a speaker or have headphones. The only potential downside is that mechanical types cost more than membrane keypads.

Membrane Keys

Membrane type keypads are cheaper and lighter in weight, making them easy to carry around. The pressing mechanism requires a bit of your effort to type, but the keys are relatively quiet and could give you what you need in a pinch.

Now, what kind of gamer are you? What genres do you love to pay? If you’re an FPS maniac or a fan of action games then you’ll need to consider a tough, durable high-end mechanical keyboard to get the most out of your gaming experience. If you’re an RPG nut then you’ll need more key accuracy to get the commands down pat. MOBA and MMO players benefit from using gaming keypads so they could execute complex keypresses with just a few presses, giving them a solid advantage.

How you play will dictate the gaming keypad that’s a right fit. Focus first on features that matter the most and go from there.


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