Microsoft is Rolling out New Minecraft Overworld Updates TODAY
Microsoft is Rolling out New Minecraft Overworld Updates TODAY

If you’ve been living under a rock and don’t know what Minecraft is, we’ll enlighten you: This indie 8-bit style animated game was developed by the Swedish gaming studio Mojang. It’s become insanely popular in recent years, despite minimalistic graphics, tons of updates, and lots of gameplay options. There’s minimal violence, and it’s perfect for a wide demographic. There have been a ton of wildly popular updates— and if you hadn’t guessed already, Overworld is the newest.

New and Interactive Gameplay for All Ages with Overworld

The Overworld update is going to add a lot of integrative gameplay and functionality to an already huge game. Overworld is adding additional redstone components, item frames, maps, slimy blocks, awesome wearable pumpkins and armor-dyeing; plus more hostile mobs to bash on, including witches and chicken jockeys. With the Windows 10 beta version of the game, you can import maps, graphics, and even boost your Gamerscore with over 170 new Gamerscore points with eight great achievements.

Check out all of the updates over the Xbox Wire

If you’re interested in this awesome update, don’t hesitate to check it out here, over the Xbox Wire. Microsoft also published their intentions to celebrate the release with the developers of Minecraft: Tommo, Daniel, Shoghi, and Jason. They will race to the end of a Redstone Puzzle map with components of the updates today, as well as release information about the new gameplay for all “serious” players of the series.

If you’re as excited as we are, you can download the newest additions to Microsoft’s Minecraft expansions: Minecraft: Windows 10 Beta Edition and Minecraft: Pocket Edition, all available on the Windows Store RIGHT NOW.


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