Working In Tech
  1. Boredom

It is easy to assume that working in tech means just using cold, hard logic without any imagination. However, this is hardly ever the case. While web design requires visual skills, development is also about creativity and inventiveness. You might not use a color palette, but you will still be developing solutions to problems and perhaps even completely new innovations.

  1. Being Stuck in a Rut

The fact that the world of tech is constantly evolving is one of the most interesting things about it. It is highly likely that your role will too. Tech employers continue adding new jobs and virtually have a “demand for everything.” It means that whether you are moving from junior web developer to senior web developer or from user experience to QA, you can be sure to always go places I your career if you keep learning digital skills.

  1. Being Tied to a Desk

Working a 9 to 5 in a drab cubicle is hardly ever the norm in tech companies. Just look at Sailthru’s company hammock, Sift Science’s amazing bean bag chairs, or even Uber’s open floorplan.

Even if you go into an office, many employers (such as Black Mountain Systems, Next Big Sound, and BluBØX) let you have at least some possibility of adjusting it to suit the rest of your life. Tech employees are increasingly working remotely from home either some time or all the time. So, you can simply dust off your cozy slippers and get down to business.

  1. Feeling Alone and Isolated

Collaborative agile development and pair programming have become so widespread that working in tech is almost a guarantee that you will be working in teams or closely with customers at the very least. You won’t feel lonely even if you don’t go into an office every day or even ever at all. Tools such as collaboration software, group chat, and video conferencing are standard at tech companies and help you easily stay in touch in real-time.

  1. Taking Orders from Above

The number of massive IT businesses globally is growing each day, and companies such as Amazon, Google, and Apple are now household names. However, it does not mean that you must join a major corporation or even a small web design company to work in tech.

Freelancing is a great option for most digital roles. Smaller development and design projects are usually completely doable by a single person with a laptop, an Internet connection, and several digital tools, it is possible to strike out on your own to create websites for local entrepreneurs or work on a per-project basis developing software or apps for clients throughout the world, just to name a few options. The freedom of being your own boss and working on what you are interested in the most are some of the benefits that you will enjoy as a freelancer in tech.

  1. Longing to Make a Difference

You obviously need a job to make your mortgage payment, save for a rainy day, and treat yourself to the finer things in life. However, if you work in tech, you never have to resign yourself to putting in the hours to bring home a decent paycheck. You can be part of something that’s genuinely meaningful to either yourself or the world. From developing websites for charity organizations to creating apps for educating the young and old in equal measure to being part of a company that is responsible for making changes to how things are done, you can truly make a difference in the world – one line of code or one website wireframe at a time.

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