New Internet Technologies That Could Improve Gaming in 2019

Gaming is a living and breathing industry, constantly under development, experiencing improvements regularly. Both gaming and technology, in general, are evolving exponentially, each year getting tremendously better than the previous year.

This year, 2019, is not going to be any different considering the handful of technologies that have been announced to get released. Internet technologies like the ones presented in this article have the potential of improving the already existent gaming infrastructure.

On this list, we are featuring a few technologies that can allow gaming not only to get better in the short term but, also to get completely revolutionized over the long run.

Wi-Fi 6

Having a faster and more powerful internet can impact gaming in numerous ways that we might not even think about. The full release of Wi-Fi 6 in late 2019 is going to allow people to surpass current internet limits, pushing the whole technological ecosystem forward.

Through a more powerful internet connection, gamers can have a more reliable download speed which can dramatically reduce the game download waiting periods, and enhance the multiplayer online gaming experience. Besides just enhancing the user experience, a more powerful internet connection can also empower game developers to release larger games without being afraid that the large file sizes will push gamers away.

However, where Wi-Fi 6, also known as 802.11ax, excels is in crowded areas. Probably you are well aware that, unlike a broadband internet connection, a Wi-Fi one tends to get slower and slower as more people connect to the network. Because of that, gaming in a densely populated place, or even in a regular house that has multiple internet users can be a nightmare with a regular wireless connection.

Wi-Fi 6 promises huge improvements in such spaces, claiming to be up to four times more effective than our current wireless connections.

Because of the smarter implementation present in Wi-Fi 6, using such a connection can also improve the battery life of your devices. Over 802.11ax, the Wi-Fi radio can spend more time in the sleep mode, consuming less of your device’s power, and allowing you to game for longer while being on the go.

5G Mobile Internet

If you have access to Wi-Fi, you will probably have no issues accessing the internet and gaming from your mobile phone. However, when switching over to cellular data, your gaming experience can drop dramatically.

The 5G mobile internet connection is meant to fix the low internet speeds by providing smartphone users with internet connections that are as fast as the ones accessible through Wi-Fi. Even if setting up the infrastructure for 5G requires more resources, and the release and global adoption of this technology might take longer, once 5G goes live it has the potential to change the whole game.

By having access to a faster internet connection on a phone, at all times, gamers from around the whole world can experience huge improvements in their mobile gaming experience. Because more and more people are starting to migrate from computers to smartphones, the mobile gaming industry has grown tremendously, and so did the file sizes of popular games.

Downloading a large file through your regular cellular data can take long periods of time, and be overall unpractical, limiting your options to experience new games outside of Wi-Fi access zones. Playing online games from your phone can be painful if you’re not using a Wi-Fi connection but, 5G is aiming to fix that as well.

So far, in the mobile gaming industry, games such as the online casino ones have always been some of the most accessible to the broad public. Thanks to the smaller file sizes without any game quality loss, gamblers across the whole planet had the possibility of enjoying such games without having to wait for too long.

Entering an online casino, and playing one of the many free slots accessible online is already possible through your smartphone. However, thanks to the 5G internet connection, people will be able to have a better multiplayer gambling experience because of the increased internet speed on the go.


Having a faster internet connection both on your personal computer but also on your smartphone can improve your gaming experience tremendously. The Wi-Fi 6 and 5G internet technologies that are about to get released in 2019 have the potential to improve gaming across all platforms and allow developers to create larger and better games.

Their implementation might take a bit longer but, once both of these technologies go live, the gaming industry could get revolutionized forever.


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