Even though the digital world is taking over, but stacks of papers are still part of the office world. Retyping those handwritten documents on your computer is one of the time consuming and tedious tasks. Even if you scan the file, you can’t still make any changes to it.

OCR or Optical Character Recognition permits you to convert scanned documents and images into editable texts. Now you can transfer all the hard copy of documents to your desktop in minutes just by using this convenient tool.

As people are becoming aware of the advantages of Optical Character Recognition, PDF software such as Soda PDF is introducing this feature. The list given below will show you why leading PDF software is choosing OCR as one of their tools.

Editable Documents

OCR converts your handwritten papers and images into PDF. As a result, these documents are easily editable with PDF editing tools. You can add or remove information or correct any mistake. Moreover, you can copy and paste the information into PDF with ease. You can also add text in images. No need to retype the whole document anymore as you can easily remove the mistakes. You can also add suitable images in the PDF file to make it look more presentable.


No need to go through hundreds of pages to extract the required data. You can easily search the information in PDF file by inserting keywords in the search bar of a PDF reader. The information will be available to you in no time. This lets you improve your customer services as you will be able to give the relevant data to the client in short amount of time.

Cuts the Cost

You can now avoid spending extra cash on printing and shipping charges by depending on OCR tool. OCR will convert the file to PDF which can be sent through email to the concerned individual.

More Organized

PDF files and other soft copies of documents are easy to organize than hard copies. You just need to make a folder and store the specific files in it. When you are looking for a file, just type the name of the document in the search bar. Don’t have to waste time going through various files just to find a particular file.

Access from Anywhere

You can edit and read the PDF documents even from the comfort of your home. Just save the document in online storages drives such as google drive or USB and access it from any place. Whether it is smartphone or desktop computer, you can access the document from any device.

Reduces Risk of Losing Information

Information stored in papers is more prone to getting lost. PDF files can be stored in multiple locations. You can save the documents in online storages drives, USB, laptops, smartphones, etc. Moreover, you can password protect the files which contain confidential information.


For easy access to information, OCR converts your hard copies into PDF documents. Moreover, you can edit the document which is not possible in scanned copy. Retyping the information days are over as you can convert them into PDF by using OCR.


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