Official Afghanistan Central Business Registry Website Hacked by Indonesian Hackers
Official Afghanistan Central Business Registry Website Hacked by Indonesian Hackers

The Afghanistan Central Business Registry’s website has been hacked 4 times, but this marks the first attack in the last 7 years. The most common way for hackers to break into this site has always been using SQL injections or using FTP after gathering information about usernames and passwords. As of the website remains hacked, and Mr. Optimuz_r00t cracked the entire page, but didn’t make fun of the Afghan page breach, they just posted:

Hacked By Mr.Optimuz_r00t – Indonesian Intelegent Security

The identity of the hackers is yet unknown; and the attack isn’t suspected to be politically related. The hacker (Mr. Optimuz_r00t) just uploaded a text file on the website, replacing the normal information with the text listed above. No press or other media has been published about this attack as of yet, and it’s not been determined why Mr.Optimuz_r00t has hacked so many websites over the last month, but none have been more serious that cracking the system for Hacktivism.

We’ll keep you updated on whether or not this attack is simply a distraction for other actions that might be more serious (like Malware or deletion of essential files), or simply to show off the hacker’s skills.

The Afghanistan Central Business Registry Website Is Still Online But Remains Hacked

The Afghanistan Central Business Registry is the bureaucratic central business hub that entrepreneurs face. All businesses have to go through the Afghanistan Central Business Registry to start up a business, and it has between 10-50 employees.

View Mr. Optimuz_r00t Hack Here, No Security Risks Detected

We The Hack Post team request business owners in Afghanistan to register their company at the Central Business Registry office because the site remains hacked at the time of publishing this article. You can view the .txt hack here: (



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