Instagram Business Profile

Switching to a business profile on Instagram unlocks certain features you can use. It’s easy to switch from a personal to a business account, even if you’re not an organization or company. What’s more, Instagram Stats analytics of any account can now readily be acquired.

There’s no better time to convert to a business profile, and here are 4 reasons why:

1. Get Found on IG

In the past, the only way for you to connect with businesses was to click on the link in the company’s profile, leading to an outside URL.

Today, all you need is to post business information and a native “Contact” button will show up on your profile. When Instagram users click on the Contact button, they’ll have the following option- find your location, call or email you.

2. Schedule Instagram Posts

You can now schedule your posts in Instagram as a built-in feature! This means you won’t have to set reminders, alarms, alerts or push notifications. Switching to Instagram business means you can do everything marketing-related and monitor your growth with the help of My Instagram Stats. Time posts on a slow-release schedule and they’ll be auto-published on the social media platform no matter where you are and what you’re doing.

3. Advertise on Instagram

Business profiles in Instagram enjoy access to Instagram Ads and Promoted Posts. Ad creation is simplified rather than made complicated. Instead of accessing Ad creation via Facebook tools, you can now work within the Instagram platform and churn out marketing material without leaving the site.

Promoting a post is as simple as choosing “Promote” in the options. Furthermore, you can choose the CTA or the text, a target audience, your budget and the time period (start to end) for that campaign.

4. Share Links in Instagram Stories

If you thought that Instagram Stories was a great way to attract audience attention, then adding links should get you more excited than ever. Using the Instagram Stats free tool, you can track and analyze your progress or any IG account. Business profiles with more than 10,000 followers can now add links to Instagram Stories to drive sales and traffic to their blogs, e-retail shops or websites.


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