Recycling Tech Products That You No Longer Use

Technology recycling makes our addiction to the newest and latest a little more acceptable. You can update without being harmful or wasteful with the earth’s resources. And all we have to do is recycle or sell your old mobile phones.
Cash A phone recycles iPads, tablets, MacBook’s, and smartphones. is committed to keeping our planet safe and green, by helping to keep mobile phones out of landfills. The mobile phones you collect will be refurbished and distributed to developing counties.

Mobile phones and their accessories contain a range of hazardous substances including toxic heavy metals such as lead, nickel, mercury and lithium. They also include non-renewable resources such as gold, silver, copper and plastic. Trade in old mobile phones with Cash A Phone and you can help prevent these dangerous chemicals from impacting the environment and threatening our ecosystems.

Millions of mobile phones have been sold in Australia and 8 million more are being sold each year. Less than 10% of these phones are recycled. With an average life-span of 18 months, this means that millions of mobile phones are making their way to landfills across Australia, putting our environment and communities at risk.

Cash A Phone strives to reduce the number of phones that are going to our landfills and ruining our environment. When you sell mobile phones to Cash A Phone you’re doing your bit for the environment, so start today and trade in old mobile phones the safe way!

So if you are thinking of recycling in Adelaide, recycling in Brisbane, recycling in Melbourne, recycling in Sydney, , or recycling in Perth, check out Cash A phone.

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