Robot vacuum buying guide

To have a robot vacuum cleaner is a kind of a dream for those who feel tired of everyday cleaning and vacuuming. Although it will not do all the domestic work for you, it will at least save your time. So, the robotic vacuum can make a great deal about your comfort and ease your life.

If you don’t have a chance to purchase such a device, it is time to think about the investment, for the Black Friday 2018 is near at hand, and the leading robot vacuum cleaner brands such as iRobot have already low the prices of their products. For example, the price of the iRobot Roomba has fallen from almost $400 to the very affordable $300. About best Black Friday Roomba deals, you can read in particular research, and our task to help you to find the best robot vacuum cleaner for your need.

So, let’s get started.

    A couple of words about robot vacuum cleaners

The robotic vacuum appeared when it became clear, that traditional vacuum cleaners had quite many disadvantages. Wire, hose, terrific sound, and other technical misfunctions made a great push to the robotic development. And now we have many brands and models that can ease our life.

The robotic vacuum is the wireless device of mostly round shape that can work automatically without any human intervention. It has inbuilt laser sensors to navigate and control the movements; these sensors prevent device’s collisions on the obstacles and falling from the stairs.  Similar laser sensors are used to detect the dirt and debris. Every robot vacuum cleaner has a powerful motor that produces the suction power to vacuum all the debris and soil.

So, now when you have a small image of what the robot vacuum cleaner is, it is time to choose the perfect one for your needs.

What to consider before buying the robot vacuum cleaner?

What are your needs?

It is the first question you should ask yourself before you purchase the robot vacuum/ Have you a floor or a house? Is your floor carpeted or is it plane? Are there pets or babies in your home? All of these things are important because only knowing what you need you will get what you want. And you’ll be able to avoid the mistake of getting the wrong robot vacuum cleaner.

Other important features to consider

Size of the robot vacuum
Size of the robot vacuum cleaner defines many essential features. First of all, it represents the capacity of the dustbin, then the ability of the device to get the areas under the furniture. Higher the robot vacuum cleaner is the harder it can get under the furniture.

The diameter in some ways can define the efficacy of the cleaning process; it also defines the capacity of the dustbin. Remember, that large vacuum cleaner, usually, weights more than devices of the average and small diameter.  The robot vacuums of the large diameter require more battery life, so, if you don’t need the extra-function of the big device, watch over the average sizes.

Dustbin capacity

Dustbin capacity is one of the most critical parameters of the robotic vacuums. The larger capacity is, the longer your device will work without emptying it. But remember, that big dustbin requires a larger size of the device. So, it is strongly recommended to choose the robotic vacuum with the average dustbin capacity between 12 and 14 ounces.

If you don’t need the extra-large vacuum cleaner than you don’t have to purchase the device with a dustbin that is larger than the average parameters.

Filter type

The type of the filter is a parameter that determines the efficacy of the vacuuming and the cleanness of the output air. Unlike the traditional vacuum cleaners, the robot vacuum has no bags where the dust is accommodated, that’s why the robot vacuums are in need of special filters to control the cleanness of the output air.

Many robot vacuum cleaners have the filtration system consisted of one layer. In some cases, the one-layer filter is enough, for example, when you need to vacuum the area with low traffic. But in most cases, it’s preferable to look for the several-steps filtration system. Try to search the robot vacuum cleaners with HEPA or HEPA-like filtration systems.

Battery life

The robotic vacuums have the only one power source; it is their batteries. The longer the battery can last without recharging, the longer the vacuums cleaner will be able to do its work without interruption.

So, to find the best battery type try to understand the size of the area you want to vacuum. If the area is vast, then you should look for robot vacuum with lithium-ion battery type. Such batteries can allow 120-150 minutes of working without being recharged. Of course, the battery type has a great influence on the robot vacuum price. If you are short of money and you agree to have the no-longlasting battery than look at the Ni-Nh battery type.

The suction power

For every vacuum cleaner, be it a traditional or robotic one, the suction power is a defining parameter. The more this power is; the greater efficacy of the vacuuming will be. But many manufacturers have a cheating politics to use different naming and measurements for the suction power of their products. So, the customer hardly understands the real index of the power.

To be sure that your robotic vacuum cleaner will have enough suction power, look for the device with brushroll and make sure, it has more than 500 Pa motor. The meaning of this combination is that the brushroll collects and delivers the dirt straight to the vacuuming hole.

The brush types

Different robotic vacuum cleaners come with different brushes. Usually, these are several (two or three) brushes. The main brush is a so-called brushroll that locates at the bottom of the device. This brush always has a bristle or, if you are looking for robot vacuum cleaner for the hardwood floors, a rubber surface.

Some vacuums come with side brushes to collect the dirt in the hard-to-reach areas, near the walls, and in the corners.

The sensors

No robot can be imagined without sensor technology, for every robotic device should “see” where it goes to. So are the robot vacuum cleaners. Before purchasing the one, you have to ensure yourself that your robot will not fall from the stairs, will not bump into the walls and other obstacles, and will work in defined boundaries.

The best sensors have a laser-based technology. So, make sure that your future robot vacuum cleaner has laser sensors that will map the room and allow the perfect navigation.

The noises

It’s not a secret that traditional vacuum cleaners are very noisy. It makes almost impossible the vacuuming when you have babies and pets. The noises are frightening and terrible.

The robotic vacuums are a bit quieter than their traditional analogs. But among them, you can find the quietest one. So, if you are keen to find almost vacuum cleaner, try to look for the models with noise level less than 60 Db.

In conclusion

The tips that were mentioned above will help you to find the perfect robot vacuum cleaner for your house. Remember, that investing in such a device, you invest in your time, and comfortable living.


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