Teenagers are the people who are always in search for something cool and funny. They have got their own trends, their own languages and their own lifestyles. They are the people who are the first movers in adopting new technology, new communication patterns and the latest apps. Similarly they are like addicted to different social media. They are crazy about connections and networking. Other than facebook, whatsapp, twitter and many more, Snapchat is the one that has got the attention of most of the teenagers in a very short time. Teenage girls are especially using Snapchat more as compared to the other social media channels and here some reasons for this are listed.


Traditional social media actually lacks privacy but Snapchat provides you full privacy with whom you want to share your picture or not. Other than this, no one can see your pictures unless you share with them. Snapchat is the platform that provides teenage girls with a privacy so that they can share their rocking pictures worldwide to the selective groups.

Social Pressures

At other social media’s, you need to worry about your number of likes, your followers and whether anyone is judging you on your pictures and you have to look extraordinary in the pictures that you upload. So some teenage girls feel this pressure while using social media. But snapchat allows them to be tension free because pictures are sent to the selective people with whom you feel free to share.


Girls most of the times have an issue of privacy and this is what snapchat provides them. Snapchat provides its users with complete privacy as you connect with the people whom you want to be connected. So it provides you comfort in use.


Snapchat is fast and quick. You can share your photos, upload stories, chat and watch stories all in same time. It don’t get stuck or hang and so its most of the time really user friendly.


Differentiation is something that the teenagers always strive for. And Snapchat is much different from many other social media. It has functions and operations that not all other social media channels offer and this what makes it different for use.

Mobile Based

While it is a mobile based app, as its same like instagram, while on Instagram anyone can get instant instagram followers, so it would be easy to use and it won’t be having any complex features that normally annoy people. Teenagers usually want speedy process about everything. Apps that demand verifications, logins and time consuming to use are most of the time irritating and Snapchat is above this all.

Continuously Updated

Snapchat doesn’t sound to be boring. It always has new filters. Every time you open snapchat while you have a data connection on, your snapchat gets updated and there are new attractive filters to make your pictures more awesome then before.

These are some of the features of Snapchat that makes teenage girls more addictive to it. It provides them with privacy, intimacy, updated versions and much more.

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