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Religion is a wonderful entity that is extremely important for modern society. Although religion seems to be less prominent in the 21st century than it has been in years past, it is still an incredibly essential aspect of civilization that needs to continue to survive in order for society to remain what it is today. The problem that many churches are seeing in the 21st century is the lack of young people attending church. This is a problem caused by society that needs to remedied. Young people are seemingly less interested in church because they feel that anything church can provide them can be found in modern society. Young people, as well as older folks, are increasingly becoming caught up in the marvels of the modern world.

This is why it is important for churches to keep up with the technological demands of the modern era! Social media is one of the numerous ways in which churches can engage with their out-of-touch parishioners. Having accounts on numerous social media outlets can allow churches to increase their outreach and create a more modern house of worship for the modern worshipper.

The Importance of Social Media

Many pastors, priests, and other religious leaders are tasked with the mission of increasing church attendance as well as engaging with current members. In years past, this was primarily done through word-of-mouth outreach, and local fliers, as well as through sermons, bible study groups, and more. While this was adequate for a pre-Internet era, today’s technologically advanced populace needs more! This is why it is so imperative for religious leaders to utilize social media. Having accounts for churches on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Snapchat, and other platforms is a necessity in order to engage with people. Young people, as well as some older parishioners are constantly using social media to engage with celebrities, news outlets, sports teams, and others to feel connected.

Having these accounts will not only allow spiritual leaders to inform their church’s followers on social media about events and services, but it will also make the church’s congregants feel connected to the church as a whole. Proper utilization of social media will entail posting photos and videos, promotion of events, as well as general faith-related posts that will truly engage the audience. Social media outreach will enlighten congregants and will inspire them to want to become involved in church life. This could range from attending a bible study class to aiding the church in setting up its chairs before a service. Whatever it ends up doing, social media can only help out a local church.

Final Thoughts

As the world continues to progress, technology will only become more and more prevalent throughout society. The population is becoming more reliant on technology, which is why it is so important for churches to keep up with the demands of modern tech. As long as religious leaders remember to create as many social media accounts as possible and engage with their congregants, they are sure to be successfully outreaching in no time at all!


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