Best Cooking Apps

Today, mobile phone usage is on the rise. Whether you are in your living room or at work, we carry these devices wherever we go. Besides, the app revolution on mobile phones is on the rise. The revolution is leaving no sphere untouched, not even the kitchen. With the right apps installed on your device, you are capable of helping with home cooks like a pro chef. With recipe app you will discover, organize recipes, track shopping lists and organize meal and menu calendars.

Currently, the app market is full with tons of premium and freemium apps for both iOS and Android operating systems. Some of these favor the already established executive chefs working in five-star restaurants. However, learners alike can use this app to learn how to dice onion and boil water.

Whether it is a summer or family cookout now is the time for you to find some mouthwatering recipes on your mobile device. From recipe discovery apps to personal recipe organizers, check out our top picks for the best recipe apps for both iOS and Android phones.

Oh She Glows-Android/iOS

The app has more than 140 plant-based recipes, including 120 gluten-free recipes. The meal option on this app is not just healthy they are also extremely tasty. From butternut squash, gazpacho to Bolognese casserole, the flavorsome dishes are endless.

If you are new to this app, the photography may make it tough for you to choose what you want to stir up. However, with time you will get used to it, as the interface is easy and simple to use. The app contains a list of recipes with descriptions, list of tips, directions, and nutritional information. Besides, there are options to bookmark your favorite recipes to refer to later or to keep track of the ones you want to make again. The search feature allows you to filter your recipes based on allergy, dietary dish type, information, season and many more.


Learning how to cook can be an intimidating process. Since you to juggle up with ingredients and kitchen implements while keeping track of the recipe. Sidechef app delivers a systematic recipe guide. Besides, it contains instructions complete with videos, photos and voice instructions.

The apps have inbuilt timers that help you follow along and keep your hands and eyes focused instead of touching the screen. Additionally, the app delivers a rich serving in form of extra content. These include search tool filters based on ingredients, cuisine, diet, feature recipes and many more.


Instead of wading through a myriad of recipes to find that one golden nugget, Yummly app takes into account your dietary restrictions and tastes. It, therefore, assists you to discover recipes that might interest you.

With Yummly, you have the option to enter five dietary restrictions. Once done, the apps will use this data to refine a list of recipes to feature every time you open the app. Moreover, you can save your favorite recipes, create a shopping list and even order for the shopping list to get delivered to you through the Instacart.


If you are looking for new recipes, then you need to check out Epicurious app. It features over 35,000 sorted into different categories. The recipe categories and search feature make it an easy to use discover tool. The app allows you to manage and save your recipes and shopping lists across multiple platforms. Besides, you can perform voice-activated commands that are designed specifically for hands-free cooking.

With the inbuilt kitchen times, you know exactly how long it will take to prepare your dish. In addition, the app is able to provide you with additional information from notable publications like Bon Appetit, Gourmet magazine and Harper Collins.

Allrecipes dinner Spinner-Android/iOS

The recipes available on Allrecipes comes from the over 50 million community members. The high community numbers thus extend to the photos, reviews and ratings on this app making it more of a social feel than other apps.

One profound feature of this app is that you can see what ingredients that are on sale near you, and the cheapest recipes you can use the ingredients to make. Additionally, when you walk into a store, the app will recommend some recipes. The recipes come in handy especially when you want to make something special, but you are not sure what it is yet. Also, the app has all the usual features like the ability to create a shopping list, save your favorite recipes and filter out your search results based on diet, cooking time and the dishes you probably do not like.

Food Network in the Kitchen-Android/iOS

This app brings all your TV chefs from the network directly your mobile device. With this app installed on your device, you have over 70,000 recipes to choose from, whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Besides, the app also offers help photos and videos from notable Food Network Shows and chefs. You can search for what you want either by ingredient or by a chef. Furthermore, you can add side notes, tips and substitution for any recipe. The newly incorporated slideshow feature allows the editors to share new and crave-worthy video recipes, food hacks and new trends.


This app has more than 350,000 recipes. It makes cooking more fun and simple. With this app on your phone, you will be inspired and organized in your kitchen. The biggest highlights on this app include the massive library of recipes, the capability to add snapshots to your own recipes and option to make a grocery list based on the dish you want to prepare.

To get some ideas, type in three ingredients in your fridge and the app will show you what you can make out of them. Furthermore, the app has a social feature, allowing you to check out what your friend and favorite bloggers are making. To get you inspired, the app offers a seasonal collection right from the home screen.

Kitchen Stories-Android/iOS

Kitchen stories app is geared towards bringing the media rich-snippets to cooking apps. That is, besides the recipes, it offers an array of videos and photos, which come with an easy to follow instructions. The main idea behind this app is to present dishes as nicely as possible. If you are susceptible to mouthwatering photos of food, then this app is ideal for you.

Green Kitchen-iOS

Are you a vegan or are do you want to eat more greens? Whatever your reason, this app boast of over 153 tempting vegetarian recipes. The two authors handpick all the recipes. The recipes are a mix of main course meals, snacks and healthy drinks with gorgeous photos accompany each of these. Since each recipe is labeled, at a glance you can tell whether they are raw, gluten-free, vegan or whole grains. Green Kitchen makes healthy eating enjoyable and easy. As well, you can share your favorite recipes with your family and friends.

Remember that you can still eat healthy and delicious if you use new kitchen tools such as air fryer for recipes which include frying.


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