The New GM of Mets is Brodie Ryan Van Wagenen, A Technology Minded Executive

Brodie Ryan Van Wagenen had worked with Ryan Zimmerman since the year 2000. Ryan, Van Wagenen had worked together for a number of years and was able to conclude a major contract for MLB. Ryan Van Wagenen Brodie is currently the CEO of the New York Mets at Citi Field. Van Wagenen has been an IMG agent since the year 2001 before joining CAA.

Technology minded may have come from his education in Silicon Valley.  Van Wagenen played baseball at Stanford with Houston Astros Manager AJ Hinch and they became good friends. Brodie Ryan Van Wagenen has built a solid reputation for his sports management skills by signing several major contracts in the history of the sport. He has worked with some of the biggest names in the sports industry, such as Tim Tebow, Ryan Zimmerman, Robinson Kano, and many others. By 2018, he had learned that he would move to New York City to assume the management responsibilities of Mets. This news has delighted many Mets fans, as Brodie Ryan Van Wagenen can bring his long list of awards to the team’s internal operations.

New York Mets has gotten the new GM

New York Mets GMBrodie Ryan Van Wagenen plans to make the stadium a world-class baseball stadium. Van Wagenen worked for several years at the Creative Artists Agency of the baseball department, which led him to become a respected businessman, which is today. Brodie Ryan Kenneth Van Wagenen also helped JoenisCespedes, the New York Mets fighter, sign the largest contract in his history for a $ 75 million tournament.

Van Wagenen is also responsible for the corporate and administrative aspects of the baseball industry, which has helped businesses complete $ 2.5 billion worth of contracts. Van Wagenen is an amazing option to become the CEO of the New York Mets, as many of his former clients discuss about hiscapability to communicate with people on a personal level.

A lot to look forward to:

Leaving behind such a powerful legacy in Los Angeles, Brodie Ryan Van Wagenen will undoubtedly share his sporty perspective with the New York Mets in the hopes of making the team the best contender in the Major League Championship this year.

Although many New York Mets fans like the idea that Van Wagenen is a new general manager, others have not announced the news with such kindness.

He spoke with people who did not like his presence in New York during his introductory press conference at Citi Field. Brodie Ryan, Ken Van Wagenen, said that while he understood that managing his team was not the path of least resistance”, he still believed in his ability to achieve remarkable growth and success in the Mets from New York.

With such a proven history and nothing to prove, you can believeBrodie Ryan Kenneth Van Wagenen to carry on his winning streak in sports management with the New York Mets next season. Wagenen is the General Manager of the New York City Baseball League. Previously, he worked for the Creative Artists Agency (CAA) and co-chaired the baseball division of CAA Sports.Brodie Ryan Van Wagenen is undoubtedly an amazing person.


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