Top 10 Anonymous File Sharing Websites

Looking for a secure way to share your files on the internet? File-sharing sites allow you to upload files in an anonymous, secure platform. Check out these 10 anonymous file upload websites that are the best of the best:

Firefox Send

An offshoot service from Firefox Mozilla. Users can send files to the Firefox servers with a maximum size of 1GB. The encrypted links don’t generate any cookies or presence. What’s more, you can delete the link if you don’t want to share the file anymore.

As the name suggests, users get total privacy when they wish to upload files for sharing with friends. Anonymousfiles gets the top spot because it offers zero bandwidth restrictions, speed limits and there’s absolutely zero logs and intrusion. Drag and drop files up to 5GB in size.


SendSpace offers tracking and sharing capabilities aside from the usual send and receive function. You can upload a max file size of 300MB and even upload multiple files simultaneously and get a unique download link for each one.

File Dropper

File Dropper is a premium site that offers unlimited upload options for files that can reach up to a whopping 5GB. If you’re tired of bandwidth throttling then you’ll be pleased to know that File Dropper gives you maximum speeds depending on your bandwidth. The site also gives you the option to set a duration when the files will be available online.

Offers unlimited storage space and file uploads of up to 250MB per instance. You get 2GB for free and auto-deletion of files after the 30-day limit.

An anonymous upload site for developers. Here, you can share via command lines and the shell cURL quickly and with ease.

Zippy Share

File sizes on up to 500MB are supported here. Zippy Share gives uploaders a 30-day storage limit and unlimited disk space for maximum convenience. As for security, the file uploader platform stores the file for 30 days before automatically deleting it.


Share files up to 150MB in size via email or social media. Any uploaded file will be auto-deleted after 48 hours has passed.

Tiny Upload

Small but speedy filesharing options is the name of Tiny Upload’s game. There’s no limit to the number of files you can upload on the site’s servers. What’s more, you can have the file stay up online for as long as you want. emulates what makes Snapchat so great, with anonymous file upload and auto-delete options thrown in the mix. You get max 100 files upload each day and up to a size of 5GB.


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