Top Apps for Students

The school year is now in full-swing, as students and teachers alike have truly become enthralled in the new school year. Exams, homework, and all types of assignments have already occurred in the first 2 months of the school year and students are gearing up for the rest of what the year has to offer. Since summer break is extremely far away, students need to get serious about their educations and need to have the best entities in order to aid them in their educational journeys. Students rely on technology for all aspects of their lives, so it would only make sense that they need it for school as well! While investing in products like a good desk are imperative for positive study habits, it is sometimes more important to get yourself together using the most advanced technologies. There are numerous apps that aid students in their lives, both for inside the classroom and outside it as well.

myHomework Student Planner

myHomework student planner is an incredible app that can be downloaded for free! This app aids students in numerous ways – it is a planner that helps you plan out your assignments, helps you study for exams, and can include due dates as well as whatever else you need to get done. It can help you stay on top of your work, and makes sure that you do not fall behind in any of your classes. Having good study habits is an important part of being a good student and obtaining the best grades possible. 


Goodbudget is another amazing app that is very helpful for college students and high school students who are trying to be independent. Goodbudget is a free app that aids students with creating their daily budgets. It divides up your expenses and considers how much money you have in order to create a budget that is perfect for you.


CampusBooks is a great app for college students. All college students know how expensive buying textbooks can be and CampusBooks is intended to get you the best deal possible. When purchasing books, this app can aid you in finding the best prices – either in-store or online. This incredible app can also help you when you finish your class at the end of the semester and are looking to sell your books (so you can buy your new textbooks for next semester!).

Final Thoughts

Education has certainly come a long way since the little schoolhouses down a dirt road! While of course it has been a long time since those days, schools and students have progressed significantly in recent years. Students need to have the best available entities at their fingertips in order to succeed in school. Technological advances such as education-based smartphone apps are crucial for students who want to do well in school. myHomework, Goodbudget, and CampusBooks are just three of the top apps for students who are looking to increase their productivity and do better in school. As the 21st century continues to progress, we will see what new apps and technologies come out to aid the students of today and the leaders of tomorrow!


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