Halloween Costume trends by Google

As it is the month of Halloween many people are giving their best into doing their research on what character they are going to pull out along with the research the making of the costumes is also a fun part when you are really into this stuff. With the help of digital world people can easily be inspired by different ideas from around the world and also by sharing their costumes with other people. Different platforms on the internet do their thing on the Halloween. Google, for instance, goes with their usual change in the logo by adding designs related to Halloween and other platforms like Facebook shares their Halloween design by allowing their users to add spooky stuff on their profiles to celebrate this event. Snapchat with their ability to create amazing filters is the best thing on Halloween. All the spooky filters that you will love to play with will be great for the users.

Google has shared a report on this Halloween related searches with the Social Media Followers. As Google is the most common search used in the entire world. It has shared a report which shows the searches related to Halloween costumes that what people are searching for to be inspired by the characters to create their costumes like that.

The report consisted of different search tags that were used. These search tags are, at the top with the most searches are for the Fortnite, Fortnite is an online game which is really popular around the world. People are going for different costumes related to Fortnite characters. Second most search tag was the Spiderman, Spiderman being the favorite hero for most people is the reason behind it and the villains that are represented in the comics also.

From the comic world it is obvious that most people go for those characters, but not always sometimes other characters are more influential during a certain year when there is an introduction of a certain character which many people find it interesting. For example, the introduction of the Fortnite game. Harley Quinn is also one of the comic characters that are part of the list. It was mainly because of the movie that was launched this year based on Harley Quinn. Other search tags are mostly related to generic characters that are pulled every year with some additional personal touch to those characters. These generic characters are dinosaur, princess, rabbit, superhero, witch, and unicorn.

This analysis helps the users to know which types of costumes are the most popular and also in which areas of the United States. People can pull the same type of costume or go with something that is totally unique. It all depends on the creativity of the people that whatever they want to pull out. These stats will help you in deciding on what type of costume you want to try it out if you are still thinking and are confused about the costumes. So better check out the trends and go for what you love the most.


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